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Catoosa Police
Missing Persons

The persons listed below are missing from the City of Catoosa, OK.

Their families are worried and want them home and safe as soon as possible. Please study the photos carefully and report any sightings or information to the Catoosa Police Department 918-596-9222 or 918-266-2424 ext 1.

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Helpful Tips for Parents and Guardians


There are five (5) steps that a parent should take to prepare, just in case their child should become a missing person. The data collected will assist the police in their search for the child and will help them identify the child when they have a lead.

1. Compile a complete description of the child. This description must include color of hair and eyes, height, weight, and date of birth. In addition, the description should contain other identifiers such as... eyeglasses, or contact lenses, braces on teeth, pierced ears, and other unique physical attributes. The complete description should be in writing.

2. Take color photographs of your child every six (6) months. Photographs should be
of high quality and in sharp focus so that the child is easily recognizable. Head and shoulder portraits from different angles, such as those taken by school photographers, are preferable.

3. Have your dentist prepare dental charts for your child, and be sure that they are updated each time an examination or dental work is performed. Make sure that your dentist maintains accurate, up-to-date dental charts and x-rays on your child as a routine part of his or her normal office procedure. If you move, you should get a copy from your former dentist to keep until a new dentist is found.

4. Know where your child's medical records are located. Medical records, particularly
x-rays, can be invaluable in helping to identify a recovered child. It is important to have all permanent scars, birthmarks, blemishes, and broken bones recorded. You should find out from your child's doctor where such records are located and how to obtain them if the need arises.

5. Arrange with your local police department to have your child fingerprinted. In order for the fingerprints to be useful in identifying a person, they must be properly taken. Your
police department has trained personnel to do this. The police department will give you the fingerprint card and will not keep a record of the child's prints. You must keep the fingerprint card in a safe place.


Action to Take if your child Becomes Missing

If you believe your child is missing, it is critical that you act immediately. If your child is missing from home, search the house first. You should check closets, piles of laundry, in and under beds, inside old refrigerators- wherever a child could crawl into or hide and possibly be asleep or not able to get out. Check with your neighbors and friends of your
child. If you still cannot find your child, call the police immediately.

If your child disappears when you are away from home on a shopping trip, for example, notify the manager of the store or the security office and ask for assistance in finding your child. Then telephone the police immediately.

When you call the police, try to stay calm. Identify yourself and say, "Please send an officer.I want to report a missing child." You should give your childs name, date of birth, height, weight, and any unique identifiers, such as eyeglasses, pierced ears, or braces on the teeth.
In addition, you should tell them when you became aware of the disappearance and when you last saw your child. Knowing the clothing your child was wearing when he/she disappeared will help the police. After you have reported your child missing to the police, listen to their instructions and respond to their questions.

Any significant and unexplained deviation from your childs daily routine should prompt a timely law enforcement response. Police response may be expedited if any of these unusual circumstance exist:

1) your child is UNDER 13 years of age

2) your child is mentally incapacitated or drug dependant, or

3) your child is a potential victim of foul play or is with adults who endanger the childs welfare.

Request that your child be entered into the National Crime Information Center
(NCIC) Missing Persons File. This ensures that any law enforcement agency in the country will be able to identify your child if he/she is found in another community.
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